Rawmny Wildcat (pronouced Raw Money Wildcat) touches the soul with potent lyrical delivery and vocal finesse. He delivers a mix influenced by Soul and 90s Hip-Hop. Through his lyrics, he’s an
impeccable storyteller delving into his personal journey of life experiences. Rawmny began recording during his school years in Montreal, where he grew up after relocating from Ethiopia.
Currently based in Toronto, he continues to spit out heartfelt classics that paint a picture of where he’s coming from.
His musical influences include Wyclef Jean, Nate Dogg, Rakim, Michael Jackson, Mahmoud Ahmed. Having grown up listening to a wide variety of music makes Rawmny an extremely versatile and multi-talented artist.
In the studio, Rawmny is very involved in the production. He has a clear vision of his concepts and knows how to bring out the sounds he is looking for. Very often, he collaborates with his production partner Nabsolut, who has his own special touch and unique sound.
Rawmny’s latest album BOAT TRIP is now available on all platforms . This album builds upon his previous releases into his personal journey. It brings a diverse collection of songs ranging from romance to life motivation. Sound influences from 80s rnb, afrobeat and trap can be felt throughout the album.
WILDCAT LP was released in April 2022 and is enjoyed by raving music fans around the world. “Legacy” from NATURE OF THE BEAST album has garnered listenership from dedicated fans world-wide. Soon after, Rawmny teamed up with Toronto indie label Motive Music Canada to release his follow-up album, ONCE UPON A LIFE now available for streaming on all platforms.

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